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A Proposal is a stressful subject, We understand you might have many questions and here are the most frequently asked regarding Santorini Proposals.

Best time for a Proposal.

The best time for a proposal in Santorini is usually around 8PM which happens to be the time of the famous sunset of Santorini, Every year hundreds of couples propose on a cliff or the caldera as we call it overlooking the stunning view of Santorini and the islands nearby.

Sunset doesn't have to be the best time, A Proposal can happen at any time within the day, It's all about the atmosphere and the moment that we will help you create which will make your loved one scream YES! without a second thought.

The island of Santorini Greece is well known for the romantic atmosphere it has to offer, and the beautiful sights such us the black and red beaches, the blue domes and the white houses all over which make the whole island an ideal place to propose if you are having thoughts of proposing.

This leads us to the next question which is the best location to propose.

Best location to propose.

Given that our sunset is known to be the most romantic in the world, A good guess would be somewhere on the caldera side of Santorini, Maybe while on a romantic restaurant, or during a walk through the traditional paths of Santorini's cliffs.

A proposal can take place at any place as long as the vibe of the moment is right, A beach or a yacht cruise are also locations and places to be during the day if you are planning to propose to the person you wish to spend the rest of your life with.

One more good thing about proposals and especially in Santorini is that you can plan it with us and make it go smoothly without any further stressing thoughts on your mind other than asking the big question!

Even your hotel room can be made into the perfect place for your Santorini proposal, But of course this is just an example of hundreds.

Romantic Dinner Restaurants

The most effective way to make someone passively happy (Without knowing they've become happier) is by food, Thus the phrase love passes through the stomach!

Wether your proposal here in Santorini will take place at a restaurant or you wish to have a celebrate dinner after your proposal is a good idea, There are plenty of choices depending on your idea of a perfect dinner.

You can have a private dinner on a terrace during sunset time on the caldera cliffs, A private dinner at a winery during day time, Why not at a traditional restaurant or fish tavern as we call them here in Santorini.

We have all kinds of restaurants and locations to choose from and we will suggest our favorite ones so that you will have the best of the best based on our experience.

Romantic Hotels in Santorini

Yes, Of course there are romantic hotels on the island of Santorini and if you are looking for the ideal Santorini proposal, our best suggestion is to look into those hotels first.

Romantic hotels for your Santorini proposal may differ between people's ideas, In general though it is believed that the ones on the cliffs of the Caldera over looking the sunset and the Aegean sea do the trick.

In order to book hotels for your Santorini proposal you can look into many web platforms such us Expedia and

Look into the services of each hotel and the reviews it comes with, And judge for your self if that will be the one to set up the vacation's mood for the perfect Santorini proposal.

Santorini Photography Tour

Most of our packages about Santorini proposals include a photography tour around the island with the couple before or after the proposal but what is included in it?

Wether you decide to have your photo session before your proposal or after it's fine, A photo tour never many any girl suspicious! Included in the photography tour here in Santorini is the Transportation to the locations we will be taking the pictures, all costs of the car driver and photographer, about 300 photos of which the 50 will be edited and retouched for optimal result and you will receive your photographs in a CD or DVD.

You can see some of the work of our photographers in this

Among the places we will visit on our photography tour after your Santorini proposal, Will be the village of Oia (Pronounced as I-A) with a background the white houses on the cliffs and the blue dome churches of Santorini.

Dress code needed?

There isn't a specific dress code required for a proposal, But we would really suggest thinking of one if you are planning to include a romantic dinner in your Santorini proposal package, Something casual towards formal is always a good idea.

Have in mind that there will be a photographer and these pictures will be your memories of your Santorini proposal for the rest of your life! Dressed well will give an extra beauty to those memories.

Every kind of proposal should have a dress code fitted to the couple and only! If you are planning to propose while on a romantic walk along side the cliffs of our beautiful Santorini, You might want to skip the high heels and put on your sneakers.

If the proposal will take place on a private yacht of course you can't be dressed up formally because your loved one will get suspicious and because you will not enjoy your cruise, But you can dress summer/casual!

Santorini proposal Sucess rates!


Don't even think about it! Propose to your loved one while you are here in Santorini, It always works!

It could be the fresh air, the nice food, the romantic atmosphere or she/he is just ready to spend the rest of their lives with you!

The point is that it will be a YES!

Difference in Pricing?

Many believe that a week day has a different price than a weekend day regarding services on the island of Santorini.

That is not true at all, For us there is high season and low season, The high season is the summer months May-October and low season are the rest which for us are Winter.

The high season is the working season as we call it and the prices don't change depending on the day, Except of some cases which may be a holiday for us, Where of course we'll inform you prior to booking your proposal package in Santorini with us.

The price we give you is the total price you will pay, No hidden fees or taxes more than those we'll inform you about!

Why Us?

At Santorini Proposals We understand! We take your special day personally and put our passion towards making it the best day of your lives. Take your time and look through our website and if you like our work, We'd be happy to receive an email from you and possibly plan your special day in Santorini!

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