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Santorini proposal Photography


A Santorini proposal photography is the number one must service! Get all of the emotions moments of your Santorini Proposal Dinner!

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For an exquisite private cruise


Treat your other half like they deserve! Rent your own private your and have the proposal of a life time here in Santorini!

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Make it Beautiful for your future wife


There are extra steps to take in order to make your vacation in Santorini unique. This is one of them!

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Choose your location!

A dinner proposal in Santorini can take place anywhere from your hotel's balcony, to a private venue on the caldera cliffs, at the highest point of the island and down to any beach you like. Each one of them have its own beauty, It depends on where you feel like is the best location to pop the big question!

Proposal services & and ideas.

Depending on where you'll choose to have your private dinner proposal in Santorini we can have a different range of services, For example if you choose to book on one of the private areas on the Caldera cliffs, We can have photographers, videographers, Decoration (Flowers, Candles, White clothes on table and Gazebo), private waiters, catering and much more.

santorini Proposal Dinner Scenario

Let's Say the day you decided you will propose to your lovely future wife has come, and you have a lot of stress because no matter how cool you are as a person, The day of the proposal is always very intense! So you can't trust yourself handling details and timing because mistakes will be made, What do you do? You plan and book your whole day with us so you don't have to have anything in mind other than the day plan we'll give you!
You can start your day with a morning Sailing Tour. Be picked up from your hotel at around 10AM which will include Foods and Drink but most important a fun day at the sea of Santorini with music and swimming at beautiful beaches. You'll be back around 3PM and by that time you'll be full and a little tired, So we'll drive you back to your hotel so you can shower, Sleep for a couple of hours, Have a walk at any town or what ever you'd like to do for those few hours you'll have free!
At let's say 7:30PM we can book your private dinner proposal in Santorini at the specific location we'd have discussed in the emails and everything will be set, You'd be picked up at 7:10PM depending on how far you are staying from the dinner venue and we'd proceed with the proposal plan! It will of course be successful and you will have beautiful pictures to remember the day she said the big Yes!

Why Us?

At Santorini Proposals We understand! We take your special day personally and put our passion towards making it the best day of your lives. Take your time and look through our website and if you like our work, We'd be happy to receive an email from you and possibly plan your special day in Santorini!

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