You can be Creative.

Proposing on a beach of Santorini is like being a painter and having a blank canvas, You can paint your proposal any way you imagine it to be! Because Santorini is an island, That means there are beaches all around with different kind of atmospheres. We have private beaches, Beaches with a lot of people, Water front restaurants and no rental fees for a Santorini beach proposal.

Proposal services & and ideas.

Now, As for services you can add pretty much anything you wish for since there are no restrictions on the public beaches of Santorini. Before we start adding services, The one and most important is the photographer. We can have 1 or 2 photographers and a videographer to record the whole proposal nearby camouflaged as tourists or hidden somewhere. Other than the Santorini beach proposal photography part, A horse riding adventure is one of the most popular services along with a private dinner on the beach. For the private dinner we can have a catering or have a nearby restaurant set up the area for us.

santorini Beach Proposal Scenario

Picture a beautiful day in Santorini, you wake up in the morning and after breakfast you tell your future wife that you've booked a horse riding day for the two of you to explore the beaches of Santorini and after you'll have dinner at some restaurant that will be nearby, You tell her that our driver will come a pick you up from your hotel at around 6:30PM and will take you to the beach where you'll have a 1-2 hour horse ride so by the time you come back you will be hungry.
Your horse riding guide can have a camera to take some pictures of you and videos while on your adventure and as you pass by some key points we might even have a drone there to record you. Meanwhile our team will be near your starting point setting up your private dinner, The gazebo with the decorations, the candles and the whole concept for your santorini beach proposal.
By the time you will be coming back, It will be sunset time, and private dinner will be ready, our photographers will be in the nearby area taking pictures of you from a far. You get off the horses, Your future wife is amazed by the beautiful sight that's infront of her and you proceed with having dinner. From there the story changes from person to person depending on how you imagine proposing to your lovely future wife.