Santorini elopement weddings

Get married the same day of your proposal!

Among all the beautiful destinations in the world, Santorini is the most romantic of all when it comes to weddings. People plan their trips to Santorini for over 3 years some times so that will get married here and other propose and elope right away! In order to elope in Santorini you'd have to contact us before hand in order to prepare the wedding documents. If you wish to have no legal documents you can follow the below steps for a symbolic wedding in Santorini.

Steps for a Symbolic wedding Ceremony in Santorini

Since Santorini is such a popular destination for weddings, There are plenty of service providers out there which makes it easier to find even the hardest requirements for a ceremony or event. Now days you can let your creativity go wild and it can be done! Santorini elopement wedding packages are available for those who look for a more complete, think free romantic package with all the services needed for a santorini proposal and elopement.

Symbolic Wedding By the Beach

Wether Your Proposal takes place nearby a beach of Santorini, A yacht or while having a romantic dinner at a water front restaurant, We can set have a wedding set up by the water, Photographers, Flowers and a red carpet just right for an elopement wedding!

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The prices for our Wedding & Elopement packages of Santorini are low and flexible so that every couple can have their beautiful memories of Santorini without having to spend a fortune on them!

Symbolic Wedding on a cliff

Your Santorini marriage proposal can take place at different places depending on your creativity and preferences! The most popular areas for weddings and elopments in Santorini is the Caldera view of the Volcano and sunset of Santorini.

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The Image of this article is from a Wedding back in 2015 at a Caldera View hotel, You can see the gazebo and red carpet if you look closely.

Symbolic Wedding at your hotel!

Sometimes the most beautiful views and more private venues for weddings are the hotels, A lot of Santorini's hotels now days even have their own wedding ceremony spots, With a Gazebo and everything! If you wish to have your elopement wedding at your Hotel then this Santorini elopement wedding package is for you!

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Hotels of Santorini now days are all very familiar with weddings, proposals and elopements. It is easier and better to plan the perfect wedding with the cooperation of the hotel staff and the planner together.

Planning a proposal can be very stressful, Actually is for some the most stressful thing in the world! But that's why you should always contact the professionals to take of the work for you. Planning of a Santorini elopement & proposal together is a lot of work and details to have in mind, That's why we've made it easy for everyone to choose a package which they can change to their own preferences and let the rest to us!

A Wedding is a lifetime choice which should be exactly the way the couple wants it to be, Wether that is a secret of with family and friends.
Get married in Secret

While planning your wedding usually the parents, friends and relatives make it more difficult and stressful than enjoyable. Getting married is a lifetime choice that two people who love each other decide to do, The most important aspect of that big choice is to be enjoyable and remembered as a beautiful day! So why not get married in secret? It is very common for couples getting married just the two of them here in Santorini and its a beautiful idea as well!