Santorini Marriage Proposal

The most important aspect

Getting married is a big step for both a man and a woman, it's very important before going for a Santorini marriage proposal, to be sure that your partner is ready for it, Marriage is a beautiful new begining for every couple and it all starts from the moment of the proposal!

Santorini Marriage Proposal essential services

  • A Proposal photographer of Santorini

    The last thing you want when going back home after your big Santorini marriage proposal, Is not being able to prove that the story actually happened! By hiring a proposal photographer who'll be there for the time of the proposal and afterwards will guarantee your beautiful moments in digital form!

  • A Proposal Videographer for your special moment

    An image they say is worth a thousand words! But why have only images when you can also have video? A proposal video can be something simple to something cinematic. Either way it shows all of the emotion and events just the way they happened, Which you can look back in a few years and re-live the whole experience from the beginning!

  • Flowers, A lot of Flowers!

    Everyone loves flowers, Especially when they are all over a bedroom with lit candles in shape of a heart! There are many variaties of flowers and ideas for bouquets you can choose from, Click on the title of this paragraph to all different ideas!

  • Luxury Transportation
  • If you take a look at our basic santorini proposal package, Transportation can be a big part of a santorini marriage proposal. Treat your lady like the queen she is and make sure everything is luxurious on the big day! Santorini Proposal and Wedding transportation are specially planned!

Santorini marriage proposals FAQ

Proposing on an island like Santorini can be a little scary since it's not your home town and don't really know what to do and where when it comes to the proposal. But that's why you come to us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions asked by soon to be husbands regarding their santorini marriage proposals, feel free to have a look and get an idea about how things work here in Santorini!

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From santorini marriage proposal stories to proposal information, You'll find everything in our company's blog! Read about other couples' stories and get ideas about your soon to be proposal as well!

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Santorini marriage proposals & expert hiring

It's very important that in a special moment such as a proposal everything goes smoothly and in order. Planning your proposal alone will lead to extra stress and mistakes!

Here are a few reasons to choose us for your special day.

As mentioned in "The Most important Aspect" Article, A Proposal should be a fun and loving memory for both! Let us do the hard work for you!

Getting married in Santorini is the beginning of the rest of your life, Make it count!
The most important aspect

The most important aspect of a santorini marriage proposal or any big day such as a wedding or an anniversary is to be just the way the couple want it to be, No matter what parents and friends would prefer. At the end of the day its your special moments and they should be remembered as perfect days with no stress and just the love you have for each other.

Why Us?

At Santorini Proposals We understand! We take your special day personally and put our passion towards making it the best day of your lives. Take your time and look through our website and if you like our work, We'd be happy to receive an email from you and possibly plan your special day in Santorini!

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