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All you need to know Santorini Elopement Packages

Santorini The Island of Weddings

All year round the island of Thira or mostly known as Santorini is beautiful and worthy of visiting. Since it's such a beautiful place to go, Some couples decide to get married here! Read all you want to know about Santorini Wedding and Santorini Elopement Packages and choose the one you feel is best for you.

Let the sunset be your warmth Private Dinner Package

Romantic Evening Santorini Dinner Proposals.

Picture the love of your life next to you, Leaning on your shoulder after you've proposed to them feeling more loved than ever and enjoying some greek cuisine that we will be serving you as the time is passing, This type of proposal is a fairly simple idea which can lead to many services which will make it a one in a life time!

The Proposal Story of George and Stephany A Santorini Proposal Dream

George & Stephany Santorini Proposal

With our help the Santorini Proposl Idea of George became reality and he proposed to Stephany "at the right moment of their lives" as Stephany herself said to us after their proposal in Santorini. We were very happy to be a part of such an important step for those two love birds and to have helped make it all come together! Learn more about This proposal by clicking on the picture.

Santorini Wedding Proposals by the black sandy beach Proposal services

Santorini beach proposals

A beach setting is often compared with those romantic love story movies and books we read about because of the natural relaxation and intimate feeling it gives us especially when we are with the one we love, This is an example of a beach proposal day planned starting with some horse riding along the beach followed by the proposal and finally, some fine dinning by the beach.

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The most romantic time of the day See the sunset time during your vacation!

We are the piece in the puzzle!

A Few tips and information regarding having your Santorini proposal during the sunset time or as some call it the time for romance. Get a general idea about Proposing on the cliffs of Santorini wether that be on a private villa with a glass of champagne or a hiking path just you and your future wife! Let's plan your Santorini proposal correctly!

Enjoy this important day of yours More Services

The Most important Aspect of your Santorini Proposal.

Take your time and think about all the inside jokes, personal preferences and the weirdness that only the two of you know about, Now try to imagine all those details put together into a perfect day, And make your Santorini proposal unique and one in a life time!

A Proposal should be special! For more tips -> FAQ

Santorini Proposal Tips / It has to be special

A Proposal is something that usually terrifies the biggest percentage of us, But that's normal, this post is made to give you a more general idea about proposing and especially in Santorini, Read through the advises and the FAQs and you'll be ready to go in no time! Just remember. It is just you and the love of your life.

A Quote about love

"The heart wants what it wants. There's no logic to these things. You meet someone and you fall in love and that's that."

Woody Allen

Why Us?

At Santorini Proposals We understand! We take your special day personally and put our passion towards making it the best day of your lives. Take your time and look through our website and if you like our work, We'd be happy to receive an email from you and possibly plan your special day in Santorini!

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