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Some Of our Santorini Proposal Services

Santorini Wedding Proposal Services are what makes a great day stick out than an average vacation day, The below Santorini Proposal Services are some of the most important ones from the simplest being a photographer to the most stunning of ordering a private yacht to take you to an other island! Make sure your proposal day will never be forgotten by making it a one in a life time! On our Proposal Packages page you'll find Packages including some Santorini Proposal Services, Those are to have an idea and to Add Anything you like!

This Page though is made to inspire you and let your fantasies wonder free and create the most amazing Santorini Proposal Day that anyone has ever seen! Below the Santorini Proposal Services titles you will find a few words explaning what you should expect from each one!

Santorini Proposal Photographer

The most important Service is a Santorini Proposal Photographer, Because what's the point of creating an unforgettable day if you do not have any proof it ever happened!

The Proposal Decorations

Decorations are always the extra touch to give the feeling you wish to the atmosphere! Starting from the simplest being a Candle Heart having you in the middle proposing!

Pre- Photoshoot Hair & Make Up

Tell your lovely future wife that you've booked something different to make her day special and present her with the idea of a Santorini Photography Tour, And follow with the Make up and Hair Service!

Santorini Yacht Proposal

At a very reasonable price you can have a Private Yacht all to your self! There are a few things say "Next Level" and a Yacht Rental is one of them! Enquire your price now!

Santorini Private Dinning

What's more romantic than a candle lit dinner by some nice view and champagne being filled while you look at each other's eyes? Choose your location and we'll make it happen!

Bouquets, Rose Petals and Decoration Flowers

Flowers can be used as decoration on a gazebo or simply as rose petals on the ground, You can also order a Bouquet to surprise your loved one in the morning or at your Santorini Photography Tour!

Why Us?

At Santorini Proposals We understand! We take your special day personally and put our passion towards making it the best day of your lives. Take your time and look through our website and if you like our work, We'd be happy to receive an email from you and possibly plan your special day in Santorini!

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