Santorini Proposal Tips

It has to be special!

Every girl all around the world grows up watching disney movies with princesses or stories that have to do with romantic gestures and proposals where they are all treated very nicely by gentlemen. Especially when the topic is a Wedding or a Proposal they dream of this prince treating them like the girls in the stories making them feel special. And that is exactly how you should view your lady before thinking of Proposing, As this princess which you are going to make sure that she feels by putting in the effort and love you've got for her into the proposal because in her mind its a sneak peak of the rest of her life with you!

Of course as men we are not always very romantic but that's what this page is for!

Useful Proposal Tips

  • Make her feel MORE of a princess on that day
  • Since you are on a vacation in Santorini, One of the most romantic destinations in the world, Make sure that you do romantic things for your future wife, For example take her out to a fancy dinner, Buy her some jewelry (Even though for us it's not such a big deal, Women appreciate jewelry!), Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her at unexpected times during the day, And other cute things like that which trigger the "Aww" in their heads.

  • Make sure she is not hungry! (We'll explain)

    A Proposal is also a form of art which needs to be carefully calculated! Every single detail counts on a Proposal while on your trip to Santorini and trust me, She will remember moment of it! We tend to be grumpy when we are hungry, And that's a big no-no when considering to propose, The moment has to be set up perfectly so that she will be more than happy at the time you'll decide to propose. Bottom line, Have a good meal earlier!

  • Pre-book your Santorini Proposal photographer!
  • Since you've come all this way to Santorini Greece and you're going to propose to the woman of your life, You might as well hire a professional proposal photographer! Our photographers are experienced professionals when it comes to proposals, They can be disguised as tourists or even camouflaged nearby the proposal area and when it time they will be ready to capture every emotion on your and your future wife's faces!

  • Think outside of the box! (Ring box)
  • The ring doesn't have to be in a the box when you present it to your future wife for your santorini proposal, It can be tied to a tree as you take a romantic walk through some paths of Fira, It can be at the bottom of a champagne glass and it can be found somewhere by "accident". We'll plant the ring anywhere you like and make sure it will be safe untill your wife finds it, When it comes to proposals everyone loves to take place and help, we'll let your hotel staff know it and everything will go smoothly.

Simple Proposal Package

Sometimes there isn't a need for a cinematic wedding proposal, Some people are just much simpler and appreciate the small things, This package is economic but romantic at the same time, A Simple Santorini proposal cannot be very simple since you've came all the way to Greece to do it! Special day with a romantic ending is all you need to make sure that you get the big YES you work so hard for!

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Private Boat Proposal Package

The Aegean sea is said to have the bluest waters and the most romantic vibe of all the seas around the world. Accompanied with authentic Greek cuisine and some local wine on a private cruise around the island, Your Santorini proposal can be the best idea you've ever had.

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Private Dinner Proposal Package

A romantic dinner on a cliff of Santorini with the view of the Volcano and the orange intense sunset of Santorini can melt a woman's heart in no time! Santorini is the most romantic island in the world, So there isn't much effort you'll need to put in to make your proposal perfect, A small private dinner can do the job!

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A proposal in Santorini can be very stressful when considering the risks and thinking about failure, But there is no way a proposal can go wrong, when you've come to an island as beautiful as Santorini especially if it's planned with us! Let us know all your concerns and questions and we'll help you step by step for the proposal of a lifetime!

If you are on the stage of your relationship which you feel like proposing, Chances are that she'll say yes however you do it, That's Not the point though!
The point of a planned proposal

If you are worried about your proposal in Santorini to the girl that you love and loved you back, Chances are that she is going to say yes any way you do it. The point of planning the perfect proposal though is that she'll see the effort and love you've put into it and appreciate it a lot more! Also it is an important moment in a girls life which has to be special. If you follow our advise and book your proposal photographer then it's also a memory which is going to stay for ever probably framed at your future home. So you want to make sure that the moment will be just perfect.

Why Us?

At Santorini Proposals We understand! We take your special day personally and put our passion towards making it the best day of your lives. Take your time and look through our website and if you like our work, We'd be happy to receive an email from you and possibly plan your special day in Santorini!

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