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The easiest part of your santorini wedding proposal is getting your future wife into the romantic and cuddly mood, That's why Santorini is the most popular destination for weddings in Greece.

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A Santorini sunset proposal can take place anywhere that is on the caldera side, That can be a romantic walking path, a dinner at a restaurant with the beautiful views or even better a private dinner at a venue that you will book with with a set up especially for proposals, Such as Candles, Flowers, Decorations, Catering and your private waiter. Anything you do will come out very sweet and thoughtful but why not put some extra work into making the romantic santorini sunset proposal unique!

santorini Sunset Proposal Scenario

Imagine a private terrace or huge balcony with the stunning view of Santorini's sunset and a gentle breeze on a hot summer day and your beautiful wife to be just admiring you for all the effort and love her future husband has put into making every girl's dream come true and proposing to her in a child's book story-like manner at the most romantic place in the world!
It all begins from the morning, Where you start your day's activity without her knowing a clue of the proposal that's going to follow, Go back to your hotel or villa and relax, have a shower and wait until we come pick you up to bring you to the venue you've decided to propose at!
Flowers all over the proposal spot and candles lighting up the place after dark when you'll have relaxed and sat down for dinner, Your wifes sees all that and still yet hasn't got an exact clue of what's going to follow, You take her down there without telling her that it's for her and once you stand in the middle of everything you drop down to one knee and make your Santorini proposal happen! She'll be shocked of course, And the photographer will show him self as he'll try to more pictures of this beautiful moment of you two.