Santorini Proposal - Wong & Jen

Mr. Wong first contacted us 2 months prior to his arrival to Santorini with his loved Jen and told us all about being together for many years but never had he felt it he'd do such an amazing proposal to Jen as he thought she deserved, Which led to waiting untill coming to the beautiful island of Santorini. Of course he knew Jen would love to marry Wong but he wanted it to be spontaneous and special, So it was!

We organised their Santorini proposal just the way he wanted it and in case she wanted to get married here in Santorini as well we have a wedding dress available in her size and everything set!

The Proposal in Santorini.

Everything was set, The hotel staff knew, the photographer was nearby and the sun was hot and shinning! Wong for that specific day decided to book a very luxury hotel over looking the sea right on the caldera of Santorini as a gift to his precious Jen so that she felt like the queen she was to him. The proposal would take place in their luxury room but first they had to leave so we could decorate it just like we talked through the emails. So our couple had their morning cruise around the island and when they came back the room had flowers and rose pedals all over the floor, Jen walked in first and was shocked and even more when she saw the card on the little table in the middle of the room that wrote "Turn Around". As she did she witness the love of her life, Wong on his knees holding an engagement ring, Something she had waited for years!

Of course she said yes as she cried of joy and at that exact moment our photographer and the waiter who were hiding in the WC poped out to take their picture and serve the champagne just as planned.

The same day they got married right there at the hotel's wedding area, right under the white clothe covered gazebo!
The wedding

As mentioned above Wong thought of maybe having their wedding while in Santorini as a spontaneous and more affordable way, And thats what they did. After we let them relax for an hour, I received a message from Wong saying that they were going to proceed with the wedding, So we brought Jen the wedding dress she once said to Wong that she liked, and the costume for Wong and explained to both of them how their Santorini Wedding would take place and where.

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